Ph.D. Slavoljub Dragićević

Slavoljub Dragicevic was born in Belgrade in 1972. In 1998/99 he started the postgra­duate studies in the field of physical geography (geomorphology), at the Faculty of Geo­graphy. Since January 1998 he has worked at the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade, first as junior assistant and assistant at subjects Geomorphology and Dynamic Geomorpho­logy. He defended his Master’s thesis on October 12, 2001. In September 2006, he defen­ded his doctoral thesis “Geomorphologic analysis of the dominant erosion processes in the Kolubara River Basin”. The title of full professor was elected in 2017. The areas of his scientific research are physical geography, geomorphology and natural hazards and disasters. He has published four scientific monographs, a university book and a practi­cum, eight chapters in the international monographs, more than 90 scientific and expert papers in Peer-reviewed Journals. He is a member of editorial board in several scientific journals and he participated in more than twenty scientific conferences in Serbia and abroad. He was the Vice Dean of Science and International Cooperation at the Faculty, the head of the Institute for Environmental Studies and GIS, the head of the Chair of Environmental Studies, Manager of the Laboratory for Physical geography. He was the project leader in 16, and the member in the realization of 25 scientific projects, studies and elaborates.

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Scientific monographs


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Chapters in the international scientific monographs


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Papers in peer-reviewed Journals

  1. Milevski, I., Dragićević, S., Zorn, M. (2019): Statistical and expert-based landslide susceptibility modeling on a national scale applied to North Macedonia. Open Geosciences, 11(1): 750-764. doi:10.1515/geo-2019-0059
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Membership in domestic and international associations

  • Member of the Serbian Geographical Society
  • Member of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation
  • Member of the Technical Commission for the Evaluation of  Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Member of the Association of Spatial Planners of Serbia
  • Member of the Society of Geomorphologists of Serbia
  • Member of the editorial board of the journal: Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental sciences, Forum geografic, Geographical Reviews, Globus, International Journal of Environmental Engineering Science and Technology Research, The Environment, Revista de Geomorfologie, Bulletin of Serbian Geographical Society.



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