Ph.D. Snežana Đurđić

Date of birth: 19.02.1970., Belgrade, Serbia

Present position:
assistant professor, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Geography; Vice-dean for science and international cooperation (2014 – )

B.Sc. in Geography (1992-1997) – University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography
Thesis: The influence of geographical environment on the endemic diseases distribution – contribution to the Serbian medical geography

M.Sc. in Spatial Planning (1997-2001) University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography
Thesis: The state of Serbian nature conservation and strategy of its further improvement

Ph.D. in Geography (2002-2008) University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography
Thesis: Evaluation and application of biogeographical researches in nature conservation and its planning


1. Scientific papers in the international peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Dragicevic, S., Filipovic, D., Kostadinov, S., Ristic, R., Novkovic, I., Zivkovic, N., Andjelkovic, G., Abolmasov, B., Secerov, V., Djurdjic, S. (2011): Natural Hazard Assessment For Land-Use Planning In Serbia, International Journal of Environmental Research, Vol. 5, N°2, spring 2011, pp. 371-380.
  2. Đurđić, S., Stojković, S., Šabić, D. (2011): Nature conservation in urban conditions: A case study from Belgrade, Serbia, Maejo Int. J. Sci. Technol., 5 (01), pp.129-145, ISSN 1905-7873.
  3. Ducić V., Milovanović B., Đurđić S. (2011): Identification of recent factors that affect the formation of the upper tree line in Eastern Serbia, Arch.Biol.Sci., 63(3), pp. 825-830.
  4. Dragićević, S., Mészáros, M., Djurdjić, S., Pavić, D., Novković, I., Tošić, R. (2013): Vulnerability оf national parks to natural hazards in the Serbian Danube region. Polish journal of environmental studies, 22(4): 75-82

2. Some of the scientific papers in the national peer-reviewed journals:

  1.  Дуцић, В., Ђурђић, С. (2005): Стање и динамика озонског омотача Земље са освртом на Монтреалски протокол, Гласник Српског географског друштва, 85(1), 49-56.
  2. Ђурђић, С., Филиповић, Д. (2005): Третман заштићених природних добара у систему просторних планова, Гласник Српског географског друштва, 85(1), 241-248.
  3. Смиљанић, С., Ђурђић, С. (2006): Примена ГИС-а у вредновању природних потенцијала општине Ражањ за потребе пољопривреде, Гласник Српског географског друштва, 86(2), 161-170.
  4. Ђурђић С., Смиљанић С. (2007): Могућност просторно-функционалне коегзистенције заштићених природних добара у урбаним пределима (пример Београда), Гласник Српског географског друштва,  87(1), 185-192.
  5. Ђурђић С. (2009): Конзервациона биогеографија  – савремени научни допринос биогеографије унапређењу заштите природе, Гласник Српског географског друштва, 89(4), 311-320.
  6. Ђурђић С. (2010): Биогеографска утемељеност формирања мрежа заштићених простора, Гласник Српског географског друштва , 90(4), 147-152.
  7. Đurđić, S., Stojković, S., Trkulja, S., Šabić, D. (2010). Nature protection as a form of cross-border cooperation between Serbia and neighboring countries – state and development perspectives, Geographica Timisiensis, vol. XIX, 1/2010, pp. 341-351.
  8. Ђурђић С. (2012): Еколошке и биогеографске последице процеса фрагментације, Гласник Српског географског друштва, 92(1), 161-170.
  9. Ćurčić, N., Đurđić, S. (2013). The actual relevance of ecological corridors in nature conservation, Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijić SASA, 63(2), pp. 21-34.

3. Associate in projects: 

National projects financed by Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia (as team member):
2011-2015:  Development programs of Serbian rural revitalisation
2006-2010: The Geosystemic Basis of the Spatial-Functional Organization of the Republic of Serbia
2006-2010: The natural, demographical and economical potentials of Serbian rural areas
2002-2006: The anthropogeographical researches in Raška region

Spatial plans (as team memeber):
2012: Spatial plan of special purpose area “Kucaj – Beljanica“
2011: Regional spatial plan of Sumadija, Pomoravlje, Raska and Rasina administrative districts
(area of expertise: Protection and improvement of protected natural areas)
2011: Regional spatial plan of Podunavlje and Branicevo administrative districts  (area of expertise: Protection and improvement of protected natural areas)
2009: Spatial Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia (area of expertise: Protection and environmental improvement)

International projects (as team memeber):
2014 – : TEMPUS project – SIPUS Strengthening of Internationalisation Policies at Universities in Serbia

4. Membership in professional societies:

1997 – : Serbian Geographic Society
2011 – : Association of Spatial Planners of Serbia

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