Ph.D. Velimir Šećerov

Date and place of birth: June 6, 1968, Belgrade

Attended primary school and secondary Architectural Technical School in Belgrade. In 1991 enrolled in the Faculty of Geography – the course of Spatial Planning where he earned the title of graduate spatial planner in 1996. After his studies, worked in the Serbian Society of Urban Planners as an expert associate. Since 1999 employed with the Faculty of Geography, first as junior assistant. Defended the master’s thesis The Danube as the Backbone of Trans-border Integration in 2002, and the doctoral dissertation Improvement Opportunities of Strategic Planning of Towns and Their Regions in the Republic of Serbia in 2007 at the Faculty of Geography University of Belgrade. Since 2008 assistant professor for the study groups Spatial and Urban Planning and Tourism Planning (narrow scientific field – Spatial planning). Member of the Chair of Spatial Planning. In the period 2008-2012 a visiting professor at the University of Banjaluka – Faculty of Sciences. Member of the Council of the Faculty of Geography on two occasions, Vice-dean for International Cooperation and Economy (2010-2012) and Vice-dean for Financial and Material Affairs (since 2012).


Published 63 research and expert papers in domestic and international journals and publications, one independent scientific monograph (Urban Strategic Planning, 2012), edited 11 books from scientific and expert symposiums and one international journal (Academia Danubiana, Vienna, 2010). Was a visiting lecturer at universities in Vienna and Bratislava, faculties within the University of Belgrade, expert institutions, professional associations and international organizations.

Member of the Commission for Licensing Construction Companies, National Commission for Examination of Spatial Plans (2004-2012), in the period 1996-1999 the coordinator of the Commission for Public Examination and Professional Debate of the Serbian Society of Urban Planners. During 2006/2007 Secretary of the Commission for the development of the curricula of the study group Spatial Planning at the Faculty of Geography University of Belgrade. Member of the jury for several urban-planning competitions as the representative of the Faculty or an independent expert (Towns and small towns of Serbia; Sustainable urban and traffic planning etc.).

In the course of his career took part in several international projects (ESTIA, Iron Gate, EUROMONTANA, UN HABITAT – SIRP, ERASMUS and so on), several domestic projects, and three times, in the projects of the Ministry of Science, the Faculty representative in, network of European scientific institutions engaged in spatial and urban planning.

Took part in the development of 16 spatial plans (four times as the project manager, eight times as a team member) of all levels (the most significant was the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia), nine strategies of spatial development of towns/municipalities, three urban plans and several environmental impact analyses.

Between 2005 and 2008 the National expert of the UN (UN HABITAT – SIRP Program). On several occasions the coordinator and president of scientific and organisation boards of international and domestic scientific professional gatherings.


• Strategic Urban Planning
• Urban regulation of settlements
• Tourism and Spatial planning
• Strategy of Tourism Development
• Planning and Development of Tourist Areas
• Legislation and Management of Spatial Development
• Analyses of Territorial Development
• Basic Methods and Techniques of Spatial Planning


Won five awards as a member of expert teams at the Urban Planners Exhibition, the Charter of the Serbian Society of Urban Planners in 2001 and 2005 and the Charter of Serbian Spatial Planners Association in 2005, the award for the best doctoral dissertation defended in the academic year 2006/07 at the Faculty of Geography – Spatial Planning, by the Institute of Architecture and Urban and Spatial Planning of Serbia.


- Member of the Serbian Spatial Planners Association (founder and president of the IAUS in the period 2000-2004, member of Presidency of the  IAUS in the period 2004-2008)
- Member of the Serbian Geographical Society since 2001
- Member of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers since 2007 (holds a licence for responsible planner)
- Member of the Serbian Society of Urban Planners since 1996 (member of the Presidency of  the Serbian Society of Urban Planners 2000-2004)
- Member of the Council of the Urban Planners Exhibition (2000-2004)
- Member of Yumontana – association for development of mountain areas since 1998
- Member of Euromontana – European association for development of mountain areas since 1998
- Member of the Commission for Licensing Construction Companies of the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Serbia (2000-2003)
- Member of the Commission of the Ministry for Capital Investment of the Republic of Serbia (Ministry of Infrastructure), i. e. the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning, for evaluation of compliance of planning documents in the Republic of Serbia (2004-2012).


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